The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) - Internship

The ECMI’s Internship Programme has operated since the establishment of the Centre. We consider it a very important part of our mission to offer young scholars an opportunity to experience the real world of international research and project work. Internship positions are considered part of our educational work, and we strive to make sure that participants have an opportunity to expand their academic knowledge as well as to fine-tune their practical skills.

The ECMI is an international institution. We work closely with the Council of Europe, the OSCE and the High Commissioner on National Minorities as well as with the European Commission and national governments throughout Europe. Our working language is English. In addition to research and project work, we also run an extensive publication programme, trainings and asummer school. Interns will be able to participate in all aspects of our work.  

The Centre also co-operates directly with a number of research institutions around Europe as well as with the two universities in the region, Flensburg University and the University of Southern Denmark. Interns will have an opportunity to visit these universities and use some of their facilities. For more on our co-operation partners, click here.

The Programme recruits four times a year from an application roster solicited publicly as well as through special announcements for specific projects made by Heads of Clusters on the ECMI website.  

Internship periods

January to March
Deadline for application: 30 September
Notification: before 30 October

April to June
Deadline for application: 31 December
Notification: before 31 January

July to September
Deadline for application: 31 March
Notification: before 30 April

October to December
Deadline for application: 30 June
Notification: before 31 July

Education / Research Institutions
CEU department specific: 
Department of Gender Studies
Department of Legal Studies
Roma Access Programs
Human Rights
Public Interest and Advocacy Groups