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Human Rights Careers (HRC) was founded in November 2015 with the primary goal to help human rights students, alumni, recent graduates and young professionals to pursue a career in the highly competitive field of human rights. HRC seeks to empower the next generation of human rights professionals by collecting, discussing and sharing career opportunities in the field of human rights and by making career related information more accessible in one shared global space. Contents disseminated through this website include but are not limited to paid internships, entry level jobs, free online courses, tuition free masters degrees, scholarships and fellowsips  and other career related articles by human rights professionals, activists, UN and NGO employees.  Today the platform reaches a large global readership with a constantly growing and highly engaged audience on Social Media (FacebookTwitter).

We are doing our best to keep the website and its contents accurate and up to date, however we cannot take any responsibility of unintended alternative or inaccurate information. We highly recommend to visit the official pages of the opportunities shared on this platform to receive the latest and most accurate information about any given item. HRC is an independent website entitity not affiliated with any NGO, IO or the United Nations.

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