*Hungarian Network of Eco-counselling Offices


Since 1997, the Hungarian Network of Eco-counselling Offices (A Környezeti Tanácsadó Irodák Hálózata) bounds together environmental NGOs preoccupied with free ecocounselling addressed to the public. Nowadays 19 organizations has joined the Network of Eco-counselling Offices, and our offices covering the whole territory of Hungary can be contacted personally, or by phone and e-mail.


The goal of professional cooperation within the network through trainings, database development and enhancing counseling using the Internet is that of reaching a common quality level of the offices activities, for a more efficent helping of citizens in solving their environmental problems.
The main activites of the Network beside the objective informing of the citizen and the public are keeping up-todate databases, publishing informational fact-sheets, leaflets, booklets and organizing events (lectures, forums, press-events, exhibitions).
The well trained eco-counsellors can help people to obtain data, information more rapidly, to transform their problems into petitions adressed to authorities. The examinations on the spot following notifications of public interest represent a major help to authorities. People are also offered legal advice, and even more legal representation and the use of the tools of enforcing ones environmental rights. Beside notifications (reaching a number of 40 000 yearly) received personally and by phone, last year the number of notifications via e-mail has increased considerably.


The past years showed public interest in the following topics: global and local problems, animal protection, air pollution, natural values, consumers habits, consumers protection, educational and awareness-forming methods, environmental education, Environmental legislation, - conventions, - decisions, energy-provision, energy-efficiency, renewable energy sources, grant and credit possibilities.


Most of the Eco-counselling Offices also offer the following services: Environmental Library- lending and local use of books, magazines and interactive educational/documentry CDs; support of- and participation in national environmental campaigns organized by NGOs by involving the interested public and campaigning for signatures; assuring free or payed access to publications edited by national and local NGOs.


Detailed information on the Hungarian Network of Eco-counselling Offices can be obtained from: 
Varga Judit 
Tel/fax: 00 36 20 4240472
e-mail: jvarga350@gmail.com


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