*OpenIGO - international career in the United Nations System or at international organizations


The OpenIGO network produces and disseminates knowledge about career development, recruitment and selections at intergovernmental organizations. This knowledge takes the form of different products and services, which are:

  • e-books and courses
  • mentoring
  • coaching
  • application reviews
  • mock interviews
  • disseminating opportunities at intergovernmental organizations

  • forums
  • social networks


OpenIGO is an extensive network formed of professors and researchers from the best universities in the world, professionals from international organizations and Human Resources specialists, which has the following strategic plan:


To contribute to developing international careers and democratizing recruitment and selection processes in the UN System and at other intergovernmental organizations by producing and disseminating advanced knowledge.


To be a reference in the world of producing and disseminating knowledge about careers and jobs in the UN System and at intergovernmental organizations.

Focus of activity

OpenIGO’s focus is on international governmental organizations: bilateral and multilateral, regional and global, which work on varying topics.



Career Advice
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Career advice & assessment tools
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International Development / Humanitarian Aid and Relief
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